Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Using Flax Seed Meal Update

I've had a little break from preaching the benefits of flax seed meal, although I've continued to use it on a regular basis.  Last night I was able to experiment with in a way I've really been curious about.  I was out of eggs (I naturally forgot about it) and started to make some muffins.  It was the perfect opportunity to test out the claims I read on the flax seed bag.

To use flax seed meal in place of eggs in baking, measure out 1 Tbs. of flax seed meal and put into a small bowl.  Add 2 Tbs. of water to the flax seed and let it soak for two minutes, then add it to your baking just as you would regular eggs.  Use this once for each egg needed.

I tried this in my banana blueberry muffins last night and it worked out great.  The texture was great and they were nice and fluffy and lovely.  I'll keep trying it out in other things and keep you all updated.  This is a way that using flax seed meal could really pay!  It would be nice to save the eggs for the good stuff!


  1. That's a great tip! I happen to have a lovely container of flax seed meal too. :)

  2. flax seed was what really helped Matthew with some health problems a year ago. We love the stuff. I hadn't thought of trying it this way. We just stick regular flax seed in yogurt etc!