Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creative Leftovers...Prunes

Okay, maybe this isn't what you'd normally think of as a leftover, but if you've ever had a reason to buy a container of prunes (ie surgery, pregnancy), you may be in the predicament of repeatedly forgetting they're there.  Because of their potent powers (you know what I mean!) I've been a little hesitant to let the kids at them, which is my normal method for eradicating fruit.

No, it's not the handsomest of fruits, but boy is it good for you!

Here is the happy medium I've found for using them up safely.  I've been using them diced in place of raisins. I don't know how comfortable I feel with the normal handful of raisins for a snack thing, but I have great success with adding them to my baked goods.  I recently chopped them about the size of raisins and added them to some whole wheat carrot muffins and they were fantastic.  (As an aside, I'll add that we go for the super healthy muffins for breakfasts so Daddy doesn't have to partake!  I think he'd rather die than eat a whole wheat, flax-infused carrot muffin with prunes in it!  Trust me, it's way tastier than it sounds!).  I've also tried adding chopped prunes to our morning oatmeal with good success.  We're nearly done with the container now...I think we'll have to actually buy some raisins or apples soon.

Do you have any great ideas for using up spare prunes?

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  1. Bacon - wrapped prunes are delicious. They may not be as healthy, but they are yumm-o!