Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking for Silicone Muffin Cups?

I thought I'd post on this, because I was very excited about this deal.  In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day season, the Dollar Tree is all decked out in pinks and reds.  One of the items they had this time was silicone muffin cups.  There are six in each package, which of course sells for $1.  I got two, thus providing enough for my entire metal muffin tin.

Using silicone eliminates the need for both greasing and purchasing of paper muffin cups.  I tried them last night and they work great and clean up really easily.  They're usually much more expensive than $1/6, so if you want a cheap way to try them out, swing over to the Dollar Tree!


  1. put them into the muffin tin like a paper cup with no greasing. You bake as normal and they just pop right out of the tin. You just peel the silicone off the muffin and none of it sticks. No greasing and the muffin stays completely whole and beautiful!

  2. I went to dollar tree and grabbed a bunch! Perfect for my baking frenzies! Thanks a bunch!