Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a quick cooking tip...

Do you ever grimace when you think of chopping and peeling because of the inevitable mess?  I used to.  Now I don't mind so much, because I've come up with a cheap method for keeping all the messies contained.

Before you begin you chop and peel-a-thon, grab one of those always present plastic grocery store bags that you probably have stored somewhere around your kitchen (at least if you're like me).  Open the bag and flatten it out immediately above your cutting board, or right in front of you for peeling.  It's so easy to just pitch the mess in if it's there before the mess happens!  No nasty trips to the trash can, trailing carrot peels across the floor!  No drippy egg shells!  When you're done with your mess making, simply tie the bag and pitch it.  It also helps keep flies out of the trash to have all the food products contained.

I have to say, Rachel Rae does something similar.  She has a garbage bowl that she uses like this.  It's a great idea, but my question is why dirty a bowl if you don't have to?  Also...who wants to have to scrape out those sticky things when you're washing the dishes?  Not me...much easier just to pitch it in a bag that's free and disposable.


  1. This is such a good idea! Plus you are kind of recycling ya know :)

  2. I know I'm a little behind reading my blogs...but this post just brought to my mind a habit of Jason's mammaw. She has a small wicker trash can on her counter next to the sink, lined with one of those ingenious bags you speak of. She throws all of her food trash in there, then empties it into the garden at the end of the day. From what I understand, she has done this forever.
    (Oh, and as for Rachael Ray...she has someone to do all her dishes for her. Why would she care to dirty an extra bowl!?!)