Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Flax Seed Challenge (part 2)

Here's my most recent update on the flax seed challenge.  Congratulations to me, I've purchased my first flax seed product.  I was thinking about buying some last week, but was a little put off about what to buy.  They have golden flax seeds or regular flax seeds about the size of a sesame seed, but they also have flax seed meal.

regular flax seeds

I needed to think on the practicality for a week or so, and I decided to go with the flax seed meal for this reason:  it'll be less visible to the nutrient-resisting faction in my family.  If there is a way I can incorporate the flax seed without it being visible, then that's definitely for us.  After all, it's a time-honored Mom tradition to hide vegetables and whole grains within foods, isn't it?

That was my line of thinking, then a clearance at Meijer sealed the deal.  Meijer carries a medium size bag of regular flax seed (16 oz.) and flax seed meal for the regular price of $3.59.  For some reason, the meal was clearanced to $2.99 this week.  I took it as Divine intervention (after all, the virtuous woman is supposed to seek wool and flax, right?), or perhaps just an ironic prod in the right direction! 

The Bob's Red Mill bag has all kinds of interesting information on nutritional value, as well as the heart-stopping claim that you can use a flax seed meal/water combination in place of eggs in baked goods.  Can that be true?  Only 2 Tablespoons to replace an egg?  If it is true, the purchase will be worth it!  

I'll be giving it a whirl soon, and keep you updated on the results! 

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  1. I must say, you just crack me up, you witty girl!