Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pizza Tips

I've been making homemade pizza since the first year of my marriage 8 1/2 years ago.  I have to admit, it was just so-so until the last few years. (The pizza, that is, not my marriage.   That's been great from the start!).

Here are a few tips I've learned along the way to make your pizza easier and tastier.

  • Oil your pan generously...more oil improves the flavor and texture of the crust.
  • Oil your hands to spread the crust.  I spent years adding flour like you would for bread.  Oil your hands a bit and spread the crust by hand--it's incredibly easy and great for the taste of the crust.
  • Put veggies under the cheese, but always put pepperoni on top of the cheese.  It makes is crisp on the edges and adds some texture and yumminess.
  • Switch up the sauce.  My family can get tired of a regular tomato pizza.  Try barbecue sauce with leftover chicken or enchilada sauce and taco meat with a little crumbled tortilla chips on top.  Get creative.  It's really hard to mess up a pizza. 
  • When  you take the pizza out of the oven, grab some butter or margarine and go over the crust quickly...try it and you'll never go back.  It makes it shiny and awesome.

Hey readers, got any other pizza tips?


  1. Our favorite variation on pizza is to use my homemade alfredo sauce and ham, then cover with mozzerella. I alternate most Friday nights--regular sauce/pizza one week, and Ham Alfredo Pizza the next. (If you have enough alfredo sauce left for dipping, the kids don't even complain about eating the crusts!)

  2. The oil tips made all the difference in my homemade pizza! We love pizza night.