Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Note on Rice...

Here's something I've learned over my years of cooking...read the package directions!  Now there's some rocket science for you!  There are some things that this matters with more than others.  One of these things is rice.

Did you know that there are many different types of rice?  There's the cheapie enriched white rice that most of us are used to using, but there's also jasmine, basmati, brown rice, short grain rice, medium grain rice, wild rice...the list is almost endless.  Here's something to keep in mind: the type of rice you have should determine the cooking method.  Short grain rice, for instance, is less than ideal for stir fry, because of the gluey texture when it's steamed like jasmine rice.  Put in a risotto, however, it's absolutely divine. 

Reserve short and medium grain rices for risottos and creamier rice dishes.  Long grain rices are best if you're eating it plain or as a side, such as burritos or stir frys.  Then there are the brown and wild rices.  They come in short and long grain as well, but the cooking times are much longer.  Instead of steaming for 18-20 minutes, they require 45-55 minutes...even longer for wild rices. Make sure you're planning for that extra time when you're cooking.

The moral of this post is know what type of rice you have, and learn to cook it properly so you can enjoy it to its fullest, then feel free to branch out and experiment with some others.  Keep in mind that nutritionally, the brown and wild rices are considered a whole grain, something we should always get more of!  Experiment and let me know how it goes!  I'll post a baked brown rice recipe tomorrow!

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  1. Jasmine rice is my favorite. The house smells so good when it is cooking. I would love to learn to make a good risitto.