Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Note for Dishwashers

Did you know that most dishwashers are made to run using a rinse aid?  Well, you probably did, but I just figured this out within the last year.  So when my glasses started majorly clouding up, I was shocked into the reality of rinse aid costs.  Do you know how much money you fork over for that stuff?  Eeek!

An inexpensive way to get the same results of a rinse aid is to use vinegar instead.  Yes, yes, I know, I've already disavowed using vinegar as a cleaning product, but here it's really helpful.  It really won't make your dishes smell, I promise, and it also has the added benefit of de-scumming your dishwasher during the rinse.  Try it out before you buy more jet dry.

And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, go to your dishwasher.  Open the door and look for another place to put liquid other than your soap dispenser, labeled 'rinse aid'.  How did they get this by me for so many years?


  1. Do you just put vinegar in the rinse aid place? How much? How often?

  2. As an aside, do you know that I've mispronounced often my ENTIRE life. I just read an article that was talking about grammar that gives you away as being uneducated. It said that if you pronounce the "t" (ofTen) instead of saying it without the "t" sound (ofen) that you give yourselve away as an uneducated bumpkin - so I paraphrased a little. I wonder how many other things that I say that give this away?????? Please, don't list too many, I don't realy want to know.