Monday, August 1, 2011

Confessions of a blogging Coffee-holic

It's Christine here from and I have a confession for you.  I am a coffee-holic.  I started my love affair with coffee in late high school.  We were in an on-and-off again relationship for over a decade.  The great dedication of true love did not come until my third pregnancy.  Yes, I started drinking coffee on a regular basis while I was pregnant.  Something changed.  Some might call it exhaustion.  With my first two babies, I swore off all caffeine, except for the "occasional" chocolate treat.  This time around was different.  I needed backup.  It came in the form of one cup of coffee a day.

One cup led to two, which led to three . . . you know how it goes with addiction.  I have since (the exhaustion has subsided now that "the baby" is one) cut back to two small cups of 1/2 calf coffee a day.  The thing that prevails through my coffee drinking is that I like it sweet.  I also like it tan.  By tan, I mean that I drink a little coffee with my milk. 

I do think that I would really like those fancy coffee drinks sold all over town.  The thing is, I can't fathom paying for them.  I also know that if I started with them, I'd have a really tough time stopping.  Instead, I make my own "specialty" coffee.  If you are interested in cutting back on expensive coffee specialty drinks, you can try this at home.

Brew coffee at home at your own favorite strength.  Meanwhile, put sugar or other sweetener (I use liquid stevia), one flavoring (imitation vanilla and almond extract are my favorites) and milk in the bottom of your mug.  Then pour your steaming coffee over them.  Mix.  Smell.  Savor.  Enjoy.

I know these may not stack up to the expensive offerings of shops all over town, but I'm too cheap to find out.  If you crave an iced coffee, mix it, store it in the fridge and pour over ice later.  The options are endless.  I even mixed in some hot cocoa mix once for an extra special treat.  Try it, and see if it will satisfy your coffee craving, too.


  1. I hear you, there is something about pregnancy three...I too passed from occasional coffee drinker to mandatory coffee drinker.

    Good idea...also...there are several recipes online for iced coffees. Freeze any leftover coffee into ice cube trays and add some milk, sugar, and chocolate syrup to your blender along with the frozen cubes. It's awesome and you can tweak it to taste.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. It's weird - pregnancy is the only time I really don't enjoy coffee. (Could use the pick-me-up though for sure!)

    Any other time I'm right there with you, pretty much non-stop!