Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A note on lettuce...

I have a non-frugal confession.  I simply adore those plastic boxes of organic, prewashed baby lettuce blends, especially the spring mix ones.  They are so pretty and tasty, and the lettuce actually has a flavor.  It is usually a splurge for me, but occasionally I buy one.  In order to stretch it for the family, and also to mellow out the flavors for the little guys, I like to also buy a cheap head of plain old Iceburg lettuce as well, and tear up a few leaves in with the beautiful lettuce.  It keeps enough flavor to make the lettuce special, but stretches it out and makes it mild enough for the kids.  If you can't grow your own, try to make the special lettuces last.  Happy salad season!

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  1. I love those things. Here is another way to make them a little more affordable . . . shop on markdown days. I got a big box for $.99 a few times. It might of just been a spring thing, since lettuce was just in season, but I really enjoyed them.