Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Note for Allergy Victims...

I got some new contact lenses at Sam's Club the other day and needed to wait a few minutes before I made the traffic world face my post-exam driving.  So, I did what every other normal cheapskate would do...walk around randomly pricing things.  I meandered into the cold/allergy medication aisle, and was astonished to find a fantastic deal on Adult 24 hour Zyrtec.  This was for the Member's Mark generic, which works great in children's syrup at least.  (I happen to know, because I just bought 8 oz of children's 24 hour allergy syrup there for around $5 the previous week for my two sneezy princesses.)  There were 350 full strength 24 hour tablets for under $18.  That's nearly a year's supply at the cost of about a month's supply of name brand Zyrtec at a regular store!  It really pays to shop around.  Any comments on the effectiveness of this med?

Oh, also...sometimes Sam's Club will have great deals like that for a while, then they will mysteriously disappear for eternity.  Check your club out and hopefully it'll hold true for you.

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  1. A whole years worth of allergy medicine in just one stop, "Bingo bango bongo!".