Friday, July 29, 2011

Breakfast Ideas!

I had posted some general grocery planning tips earlier with the promise of a follow up.  I suddenly realized that I never did follow up, so here goes...

When planning out my week's worth of grocery items, I usually go whole-hog with the dinner planning.  I plan the entree, any sides, and any dessert for the whole week.  Lunch and breakfast are a little more nebulous.  For this post I'll cover some of the normal breakfast items I always have on hand.  There are so many options to choose from, so don't feel like you have to have the same thing every day.  Shop the sales, eat what you have, and switch it up according to your tastes.

We generally keep the more extravagant breakfasts to eat as a dinner...we love breakfasts for dinner.  Here are some of our normal breakfasts that we actually eat at breafast time.

cereal (I never pay more than $1.50 per box)
pop tarts (only for hubby who has to eat on the go)
yogurt and bananas
apples and peanut butter
cream of wheat
scrambled eggs and fruit
fried eggs and fruit
cheese omelet and tomato slices
breakfast burritos
muffins...all kinds
french toast
english muffins with melted cheese or peanut butter
hard boiled eggs, toast, fruit
cold pizza! (this one's just for me! no one else in my family is weird enough for that)

I always try to add in a serving of fruit in the mornings, as well as some milk or other dairy.  Most of these options take little to no time to whip up, but alter any combinations to fit your family.

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  1. Great list. We also approach breakfast by just keeping breakfast items on hand.