Friday, June 3, 2011

A note on Growing...

I know it's becoming kind of a faddish thing, but 'tis the season for planting and growing.  You don't have to truly have a green thumb to be a successful vegetable gardener.  You don't have to put in expensive planters and buy $200 worth of Scott's garden soil.  Try a bucket, or pot, or big ice cream tub.  Find a big container that has some drainage, or bust a few holes in the bottom, fill it with dirt, and plant away. 

I'm a messy and very scattered gardener.  I randomly plant things a few at a time, and quite often forget to water or weed, and even I'm successful.  Here is what we have growing right now...

Beefsteak tomatoes
Moby grape tomatoes
Romaine lettuce
Green leaf lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Summer Squash
Green Peppers
Keep in mind that herbs and leaf lettuce can grow in a smaller pot in your windowsill all year long.  Fresh herbs are expensive, but they do add a lot of flavor.  Buy a packet of seeds for 99 cents, plant a little every couple of weeks, and you can have fresh herbs all year long.  Keep it simple and start small, and you'll be surprised how much money you can save and how exciting it is to grow something yourself.


  1. Planting is a passion of mine - that does not mean that weeding is a talent that I possess. I am partial to Scotts gardening soil, but a little each year adds us, and before long, your soil can be improved!

  2. I planted some more today. I have to say, I am addicted. Butternut squash seed packet from the store and watermelon plants from my sister-in-law. If half the plants that I've planted this year do well, we'll have the abundance that I'm hoping for!