Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freezing Fruit

The clock is ticking and my peaches are getting riper by the minute, but even though I was too disorganized to remember all my freezer jelly supplies, all is not lost.  I have a deep freezer.

Freezing fruit is so easy!  With the peaches, simply peel and slice them and lay them in a single layer on a plastic wrap lined cookie sheet.  Cover with another layer of plastic wrap, then pop it in the freezer.  After the peach slices are frozen, remove the plastic wrap and dump the peach slices in to the container of your choice.  Freezer bags are great, of course, or even an old plastic ice cream tub...or maybe your family doesn't have these laying around like mine does...hmmm.  Anyway, freezing the slices in a single layer 'flash freezes' them, so they don't stick together like a brick.  So then, if you feel like cooking a cobbler or something in September, you can just scoop out as much as you need.  Here's a note.  If you're baking with frozen fruit, you need to defrost it before you throw it in the pie or it will become really watery.  Yes, I learned this from experience.  It's also great for smoothies or slushies as, no peeling and slicing later...a win-win.

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  1. I did not think of flash freezing slices of peaches. I just dumped my slices in a quart size freezer bag to defrost at one time. This is a great idea! It would work for many fruits. I did this with blueberries, though. Mmmmm. . . blueberry-peach smoothie.